Where I get fashion/makeup inspiration from…

                  The chaos of busy, always on rush everyday life doesn’t allow us to explore our creativity and uniqueness. The monotony comes by sticking to our everyday routine and not trying anything new. The grey old suit that you are wearing daily to work combined with the same makeup you have all the time, makes everything boring.

                Escape from this monotone world and bring creativity and originality into your life! There are a few different ways on how I always stay inspired (in every category) and I thought I’d be a good idea to share them with you.

        1. Pinterest

                One of my favorite online places where I always get a lot of inspiration from is, of course, Pinterest. You can literally find everything there! So many photos and ideas that will make sure you will find what you need. From style and outfits ideas, to cooking recipes and diys, you find them all in just one place.

       2. Instagram

                  Extra popular and maybe over-used, Instagram still holds a lot of inspiration in all domains. Those Instragram worthy photos and themes will make you want to update your profile (and wardrobe). Dreamy holidays, delicious meals and stylish outfits are captured in one place.

        3.Magazines/ books

              Definitely my favorites, fashion and makeup magazines and books are the most iconic source of inspiration. The timeless printed version of the online articles is something more special, as you can collect and keep them forever, to always remember the trends of every year.

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               I would look through my pinterest/instagram feed and fashion magazines and see a certain outfit that I like (ex: long shirt wore as a dress with a oversized jumper over it, black tights and a pair of ankle boots) then I would look in my wardrobe and see what items I can combine to recreate that look but in my personal style. Accessories and patterns always help to define your style. Choose whatever you feel comfortable to wear then think of a suitable hairstyle. (TIP: If you choose a lot of patterns, colour and volume for the upper part, try to tie up your hair, so you can emphasize the clothes). Then, to tie up the look, think of a suitable makeup. If you don’t feel inspired, you can always use the platforms I mentioned to bring something new into your routine. A bold lip or cat eye is always a classic, but very stylish.



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