Brushes and makeup tools

            When you get attracted into the makeup world and start wearing makeup, as a beginner, choosing the right tools can be difficult. I remember scrolling down pinterest to try and learn what brushes I need and what can I use them for. After buying quite a few and started using them, I realized that you really don’t need to use them for their purpose. A foundation brush can be used as a concealer brush or an eyebrows brush for your eyeliner. Whatever works for you. There are really no rules!

            I decided to show you my collection of brushes and how I use them.

  P.S. Most of my brushes are either from Primark or Danielle Creations. They  have all an amazing quality and are so beautiful!



            The beauty blender/ makeup sponge and eyelash curler


         Definitely must-haves in everyone’s makeup collection.  Even though you don’t have a lot of brushes, you need a beauty sponge and eyelash curler. The sponge blends your makeup so beautifully and efortless! My favourite one is from Real Techniques. And the eyelash curler is a must especially for girls like me with straight lashes. Using it before mascara opens up your eyes a lot more and defines them.

               The oval brushes


            Recently everyone’s obsession has been the oval brushes. Their really unique and interesting design makes applying makeup a pleasure. They’re definitely not loved by everyone, but I really do enjoy them, especially for applying foundation.

                   The flat foundation/ concealer brush


These type of brushes are perfect for applying liquid products such as foundation or concealer. It glides on the skin and applies the product evenly, but you may want to blend it a bit with the sponge too, for a more natural effect.

              The angled/ flat contour brush


             The angled brushes are perfect for applying the contour (or blush)softly as it’s perfectly shaped for that, but for a more defined look you can use the flat chubby brush. I would suggest using the fluffy brushes for powder products and the more flat, stiff ones for cream contour.

              The stippling and fan brush


            Stippling brushes are a great choice for beginners as they have multi uses. You can use them for applying foundation, concealer, cream contour, bronzer, blush, powder. Such a great brush! The fan brush has a more unique design and it’s not necessarily a must-have as you can use a different brush, but this is perfect for applying highlighter!

               The huge fluffy powder brush


         Perfect for powder or bronzer thanks to their size and fluffiness.

     The detail/ eyeshadow/ eyebrows/ lip brush


         The flat shader brushes are great for packing on color on the eyelid. Then you can defuse the eyeshadow with a fluffy brush and apply eyeliner with a tiny pointed brush or an angled one. The angled brush is also amazing for applying pomade or eyeshadow to your eyebrows. And then finish everything off with your favorite lipstick applied with your lips brush for more control and a cleaned look. If you screw it, use a concealer brush with a bit of concealer to clean the shape.

       And that is all! It looks like a lot of brushes, but on a daily basis I only use a couple because I don’t have time for contour or eyeliner.



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