Skin care routine-winter edition

           It’s cold, it’s winter-it can only mean one thing: dry and dehydrated skin. To combat that, an appropriate skin routine for your skin type is essential. Skin types vary from oily to dry or combination, so you need to make sure you use the right products! Also, read to the end to find some amazing natural beauty tips!

               I’m not so crazy about skin care, and honestly my daily basics are moisturizer, lip balm and coconut oil (my secret weapon, such a multi use all in one product). But when I feel like I need more moisture, I do use some extra products.


                Cleansing gel

           This is the first step I do in the morning for prepping the skin for the makeup: washing my face with a cleansing product (I use the cleansing gel from Artemis). This step is really important because it removes any makeup left from the night before and it completely cleans your skin.


           Probably the most iconic and important skin care product. No matter your skin type or time of the day, EVERYONE needs to use it. I use it after cleansing my skin before makeup, during the day when I don’t wear any makeup and in the evening after I take off my makeup. There are so many good ones, but the ones I use at the moment is the Venus Aqua 24 Face Cream or the Nivea Soft Cream.

                 Cleansing wipes

             Super easy and quick to take off your makeup, sleek packaging for taking it with you on the go, your best friend for a nice refresh (or maybe use a facial spray for this in case you already have makeup on). The ones from L’oreal are a good choice!

                   Micellar Water

            After removing the makeup with the wipes, I use a micellar water (or just by itself, without wipes) to deeply cleanse my skin. My all time favourite one is from Nivea (they now have it in the big size at 400 ml), as it’s really gentle and perfect for sensitive skin and eyes.

                  Lip balm

               One word: essential! I just cannot live without it. A recent obsession is the EOS Lip Balm. So moisturizing and lovely!

                   Face masks

          The ultimate pamper routine should always include a face mask. It really improves your skin and refreshes it when you need it the most. Venus has a lot of great masks, as well as Starskin (the Eye Catcher Eye Mask are a must!)

                  #Extra beauty tips

             The miracle product that can be used in so many ways is raw coconut oil. This exotic product will boost your beauty routine with its amazing benefits. You can use it as a hair or face mask, it is also the perfect natural face and body moisturizer, you can gently remove your makeup with it, combine it with sugar and get the perfect lip scrub or just moisturize them with it, it’s also a great cuticle softener and easily fights frizzy hair, and I’m sure there are a lot more ways of using it.











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