Sparkly accents to inspire you this season

             Christmas, New Year’s Eve, holiday, parties.

          The most festive time of the year comes with a lot of parties (that you may/may not attend), so you have to be prepared.  We all know every year is the same: you encourage yourself to prepare your party look in advance, but you forget about it (because of all the shopping and food) and you end up wearing the same old red dress and a red lipstick. But this year, I’m going to make sure you’ll shine brighter than a diamond and turn everyone’s eyes on you!

              Try metallic and sequin accents in your outfit ↓

               Lace is always a classic and elegant choice ↓

           Velvet can be used in so many combinations ↓

            Fur is a staple (faux, obviously) ↓

           Outfit is on, now it’s time for MAKEUP. For the perfect match, decide on where  you want the focus to be. Accent on lips/eyes/brows? Then take a look at your outfit to coordinate with the colour theme.

                         BOLD LIPS




                          There you go! The only things left to do are to style your hair in a sleek ponytail or a romantic updo, spray your favourite parfume, throw a few accessories and leave so you’re not late.

                           Let me know if you found this post useful! xo


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