Travel Packing Tips

               Traveling is always a good idea, but it also requires packing. When you are only dreaming about arriving to the destination, the last thing you want is having to worry about what and how you pack. Packing the right things in the right amount seems quite challenging for most of us, since we tend to take the most useless and inappropriate stuff.

               Keep scrolling for some serious packing inspiration and tips.

Big Tote Bag, Phone, Wallet, Sunglasses, Hand Cream, Cleansing Wipes, Hair Brush, Snickers  Healthy Snacks, Magazine, Big Fedora (or Floppy) Hat, Headphones (or small earbuds), Face or Body Cream with SPF.

                  Obviously, you can always take or add more things, but don’t get too crazy because you only need the essentials.

                   Now for some how to pack easy tips.

                  Before you even get started throwing stuff in your suitcases, a really efficient way to stay organized and don’t forget anything is making a list.

Tip: You can easily find printable ones so you don’t waste time writing it.

           #HACKSALERT:     Folding you clothes and using packing cubes makes life easier and keeps your suitcase organized. Putting your jewellery into small plastic bags and your cables into a sunglasses case prevents them from getting tangled. Packing all your things by categories into small pouches and cubes keeps everything secure and organized.

               Don’t panick if you forgot something because (in most cases) you can buy it at your travel destination. The only things you cannot forget are your passport/ID, your plane tickets, the house keys and money/credit cards. Oh and your phone, obviously.

               Also, starting to pack at the right time is also important, so you won’t end up packing in the last minutes. You need a couple of days to make sure you packed right and, maybe, buy some things if you need to.

                  If you only pack the essentials and do it in advance, the last thing you need to do is to choose a comfy airplane outfit ( leggings or even sweatpants, a cool graphic Tee, white sneakers, bomber jacket or long vest) and you’re good to go and enjoy your holiday (while you dream about it on the plane).

                 Did you find any of these tips useful?



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