H&M Eyeshadow Palette Review

          Since H&M has released their brand new beauty range, everyone has been really curious about the quality of the products. Today I’m going to discuss about all the aspects of their Eyeshadow Palette in Ready, Set, Glow.

           First of all, THE PACKAGING!

        It has such a beautiful, simple and luxurious design that it makes you think you bought a Tom Ford product. The size is also perfect, being small and compact, perfect for travelling. It also comes with a mirror (which is always a good thing).


        You get 9 beautiful bronzy and golden shades, 4 matte ones, 2 glittery and 3 metallic.

“A versatile eye shadow palette with nine captivating, coordinated shades selected by H&M’s make-up artists. Offering a variety of effects from matte to pearly to metallic, these come in a mirrored compact for go-anywhere convenience. A trio of quick tutorials is included to take the guesswork out of finding the perfect colour combos.”

          The pigmentation is different from shade to shade, and also the texture. As the shades don’t have specific names, I swatched them in order.


        The first row is a little disappointing as the shades aren’t too pigmented and quite chalky. I layered the first 2 matte shades like 5 times and they’re still not pigmented enough. You also have to make sure you tap the excess off. The texture is soft and silky, but chalky. The deeper brow shade which has gold glitter in it (which is quite weird  in my opinion) has a really weird texture and the glitter is chunky, not fine.


     The second row is really beautiful! The first and the last shades are metallic and absolutely stunning! They’re super creamy, pigmented and blendable. The middle gold colour also has chunky glitter, but if you want a really  shimmery gold look you can layer it to build the colour ( they’re all buildable! ). The glitter might fall off so you need to make sure you tap the excess off and work carefully!


     The third (and last) row is also gorgeous! The colours are super-pigmented, soft and blendable. As I previously mentioned, all the colours from this palette are buildable so you can choose the intensity. Tapping off the excess is important to prevent  any fall out.

        The only disappointments are the light matte shades and the glittery ones in which the pigmentation is a little off and they’re super chalky, but if you keep building the colour and work slowly, you can create gorgeous looks. The rest of them are a dream to apply and blend.

             The palette comes with a makeup look guide which will really help you if you’re a beginner or just give you some inspiration.


              Considering the price and the product itself I think it’s a really good purchase, especially if you want a palette that will help you achieve natural, everyday looks. If you’re looking for really pigmented eyeshadows for dramatic looks, I don’t think this is the one for you. But don’t get disappointed because there’s a tonne of other high-end and affordable options.

            Have you tried any H&M beauty product? If yes, what do you think about it?

*Btw would you like to see a makeup look using this palette?*


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